About OLLI

What is OLLI?

The Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln (OLLI at UNL) is an adult learning membership program specifically designed for men and women 50 years old and older. OLLI at UNL is one of more than 125 Osher Lifelong Learning Institutes across the United States. OLLI at UNL partners with and is supported by the College of Education and Human Sciences to provide stimulating and varied opportunities.

OLLI Historical Timeline

How is OLLI Funded?

Programming is funded by interest from a Bernard Osher Foundation endowment, course and membership fees, and donations from OLLI members and others.

What does OLLI Offer?

OLLI offers over 250 noncredit courses and events each year over five terms from August through July. Along with great courses, enjoy many social and cultural events, interest groups and travel opportunities locally, across the United States and internationally.

Membership is required to take most courses, attend special events and take advantage of OLLI opportunities.

With your membership, you may enroll in as many courses as you like. Most courses are:

  • 6-weeks long
  • 90 minutes per meeting, once per week
  • Offered during the day or evening
  • Shorter courses and one-time classes are also offered

About Membership

Who are OLLI members?

OLLI members come from all educational, professional and social backgrounds. OLLI is for all who have a desire to stay intellectually active and engaged, and want to:

  • Connect with peers who share common interests
  • Explore fascinating subjects through noncredit courses
  • Enhance creativity
  • Make New Friends
  • Travel to places near and far
  • Get GREAT VALUE for your money

How are decisions made for courses and other OLLI activities?

OLLI is member-volunteer driven. Member volunteers are actively involved in selecting topics to be explored, share their expertise and interests, organize or teach courses, serve on the OLLI Advisory Council and various committees. The Advisory Council serves as an elected representative body from the membership.

Beyond taking courses, attending events and joining tours and travel, you can volunteer with OLLI through these activities:

  • curriculum development
  • marketing
  • membership
  • support activities

Mission & Leadership